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p, i3, 27, Seri Zenith

Seri Zenith Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Seri Zenith Engineering Sdn Bhd has innovated from solely a manufacturing company to producing, trading and engineering of transport equipment and aftersales services.

We customize and manufacture variety of medium to heavy-duty semi-trailers such as Car Transporter, Skeletal Container, General Cargo, Telescopic Pole, Step Frame Extendable, Low-loader, Lowbed, Palm Oil tanker, Cement tanker, Side/Front Tipping, Curtain sider, Flour tank and many more.

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Our Trailers

1 copy

One Stop Solution

Trailers provider providing one stop solutions



We ensure all our trailers is being checked and truly inspected.


Breakthrough innovations function ensures driving stability and steer-ability throughout.
Technical support

Technical support

#SZOneStop - your one stop solutions for all your trailer needs.
Complete solutions

Complete solutions

Backed up with our 5-star technical support and customer service.

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